„Viele Unternehmen scheitern daran, das Potenzial neuer Technologien zu erkennen, weil sie versuchen, diese auf ihre bestehende Wertschöpfungskette oder Kunden anzuwenden.
Companies have to decide whether to serve the current needs of their existing customers or the future needs of potential customers. " 

I accompany and support companies that are digitally positioning themselves for the future in order to generate real added value for their customers.

Marcus Odrowski  Over 20 years of experience in organizational consulting, project planning and implementation of digitization solutions.
Organizational consultantin the SME and corporate environment (including Bertelsmann).
Long-standing management positions in the printing industry. Head of Quality Management, etc. for supplying GMP-compliant products to the pharmaceutical industry. Today company companion in the areas of digitization, quality management, organizational management, employee qualification and IT.

A company companion offers the advantage of continuing to look after your company and your projects after successful project implementation. This is the guarantee that innovative developments do not stagnate and companies are not bound to allocate or build up personnel capacities.

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My focus in the field of digitization:

Digitization is finding its way into all areas of the company. However, companies often use analog input for the processing and digitization of information. For example, information is often recorded on paper and then transmitted digitally. This leads to sources of error and impairment of efficiency.
I support and accompany you in digitizing your company processes consistently and thereby increasing your efficiency.

Process management and organization

Increasing competition and price wars are forcing companies to constantly restructure and reorganize themselves. Optimization of processes are continuous tasks of the improvement process. However, many companies lack the capacity or objectivity to face these tasks.

I offer companies organizational advice and optimization in all business processes.
I also record all processes transparently in a digital process map, which is available to employees for orientation and qualification. This creates a digital process house (intranet).
Companies use this as a lived, digital quality management manual. The extension to knowledge management is also useful.
In this way, information is managed sustainably and process optimizations are easier to implement in the future thanks to the quick overview.
I support you in the permanent continuation of this positive development.

Quality Management

With or without DIN EN ISO 9001 certification - a functioning and lived quality management is necessary for all companies in order to be able to exist on the market as a company.

I support companies in the implementation of a quality management system that does not satisfy the ISO standard, but brings the company savings, efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Regardless of whether it is production or service. Increasingly, everyone has the same challenge of getting employees with increasingly poor qualifications valid and quickly into value creation.
The reality is almost identical everywhere, because a lack of language skills, high fluctuation rates, tie up specialists in the recurring employee qualification measures. Training courses are not always kept at the same level and increasing requirements from laws and standards increase the effort.

- Error rate increases
- Failure costs increase
- Customer satisfaction drops
- The competitive situation is deteriorating

My experience in industrial production and services shows that the use of digital media increases the success of the qualification of employees, especially if they lack language skills, and significantly shortens the qualification time.
Zudem sind durch Qualifizierungssysteme wie E-Learning die rechtssichere und rückverfolgbare Dokumentation gewährleistet.
This is particularly important in areas such as GMP, HACCP and occupational safety are of enormous importance.

I support you with continuous support in employee qualification using an e-learning system.
This includes the processing of the training content (VR (virtual reality) environment, 360 degree photos and 360 degree videos, texts, 2D photos and videos), the implementation adapted to the company, and sustainable maintenance.

Your advantages:
- shorter training periods
- valid qualifications of your employees
- Reduced absence of skilled workers for employee training
- Documented, legally secure traceability of employee qualifications
- faster value creation for employees